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VOYPIC has worked with care experienced young people throughout Northern Ireland in order to develop a guide that will answer all your questions and queries about being in care. The guides have been written to suit young people of all ages, so if you’re unsure which one to read just click on the one that matches your age.

This is my coming into care Guide (10 and under age)

This guide is all about you, it will help you understand why you don’t stay with your Mum or Dad and answer some of the questions you might have about living somewhere else. It’s fun and full of cartoons and you can write or draw pictures about how you feel, where you live and all the things that are important to you.

This guide will tell you about

Why Children go into care
Where Children live when they are in care
How long children live in care
Seeing your family and friends
Looking after your body

click to download this care guide (PDF)

Care… But Not As We Know It (11-15 age)

Going into care can be a scary and confusing time; you may have lots of questions about why you have gone into care; what life will be like living in care and how it will all work.

The Care But Not As We Know It guide will help answer some of the questions that are in your mind and hopefully help clear your head of some of that confusion.  But if you still have questions you can ask your social worker, key worker, foster parent, or someone you trust. You can always call us here at VOYPIC.

What’s In The Guide?

The guide will give you information on;

  • Why young people go into care
  • Where young people live when they are in care
  • What you can expect living in care
  • What to expect from your social worker
  • Having Contact With Your Family and Friends
  • All your school questions
  • Meetings
  • Information that helps you look after you!

click to download this care guide (PDF)

The A-Z of leaving Care

The A-Z of Leaving Care guide is designed to help answer all your questions about leaving care.  Young people have told us that as they get older they worry about what will happen when they leave care. They often have questions about where they will live, how they will support themselves and what will happen in the future. This guide should help give you the information you will need about being an adult and becoming independent. If you still have questions after you have read through the guide you can talk to your carer, social worker, personal advisor or contact us at VOYPIC

What’s in the Guide?

  • The Guide will give you information on;
  • Accommodation
  • Finance
  • Support
  • How to look after your health, physical, sexual and mental.
  • Education and Employment
  • Cooking
  • Your Rights

click to download this care guide (PDF)


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